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Activated Coconut Charcoal, Fulvic Acid, Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil - 60 Capsules

Activated Coconut Charcoal, Fulvic Acid, Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil - 60 Capsules

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  • Powerful Activated Charcoal & Fulvic Acid Complex Including 80+ Trace Minerals, Polyphenols & Electrolytes
  • Infused into a Coconut & Peppermint Oil Matrix For Ease of Digestion*
  • Easy to Take Capsules

Digestive wellness with Theogony Health Via the Gut enhanced digestive support formula.

Our expertly curated combination of activated charcoal, fulvic acid, coconut oil, and peppermint oil offers a holistic approach to support your gut health and aid in detoxification processes. 

Activated charcoal is celebrated for its purifying properties, trapping impurities and assisting their elimination, while fulvic acid enriches the formula with trace minerals, promoting efficient nutrient absorption. 

The blend of coconut oil and peppermint oil enhances the primary ingredients' effectiveness and ensures their optimal absorption.

Bid farewell to digestive discomfort with our gentle yet potent formula designed to soothe and balance your digestive system, relieving bloating, gas, and indigestion.
Whether navigating occasional digestive upsets or aiming to maintain optimal digestive health, Theogony Health Via the Gut is your dependable companion.
Our capsules are formulated for ease of use, offering convenient and travel-friendly digestive support to ensure you feel your best, even on the move.

Trust in our commitment to quality and purity, with each capsule delivering a comprehensive solution for your digestive well-being.
Embrace the path to comfortable digestion and enhanced well-being with Theogony Health Via the Gut - your ally in digestive health.

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  • Targets Tummy Aches & Discomfort*

  • Aids in Detoxification & Removal of Nasties*

  • Balances Regularity*

  • Leaky Gut's Enemy*

  • Absorption of Nutrients*

Synergistic Powerful Ingredients

Activated Coconut Charcoal

Humic Extract (Fulvic Acid)

Peppermint Oil

Coconut Oil

Our Unrivaled Fulvic Mineral Complex

Unlike any other, our Fulvic Mineral Complex achieves unparalleled purity, carefully crafted into a mesmerizing golden powder, free from any black humates that might tarnish its brilliance. We prioritize your well-being and the environment, which is why our clean water extraction process shuns harsh chemicals, preserving the utmost purity of these precious nutrients.

Gently dried into a potent powder form, it retains every vital nutrient, ensuring that its potency remains unyielding.


What's the serving size of this formula?

One serving size is two capsules.