Purified Fulvic Acid a Safer Alternative to Shilajit

  • Purity & Safety

    When it comes to your health, purity matters. Shilajit can contain heavy metals like lead and arsenic in undesirable concentrations, as it hasn't been purified. Our USA-extracted Fulvic Acid undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring a safe and pure product for your peace of mind

  • Traceability

    Transparency is paramount. Do you know where your Shilajit actually comes from? Many brands don't disclose the origins of their raw materials, leaving you in the dark. At Theogony, we proudly provide full traceability, so you know exactly where our product originates. While the traceability of most Shilajit on the market remains a mystery, we offer clarity and confidence in your purchase.

  • Convenience

    Experience the ease of Fulvic Mineral powder – highly soluble in water, making it effortless to incorporate into your favorite beverages. No more dealing with the taste or texture of raw Shilajit. Enjoy the convenience of our golden, soluble powder.

  • Potential Benefits of Fulvic Acid

    Fulvic Acid is known for its potential health benefits, including improved nutrient absorption, antioxidant properties, and overall well-being support. With Theogony's Fulvic Acid, you're unlocking the potential for a healthier you.

Ancient Foundations, Modern Wellness: Crafting Building Blocks to a Healthier Life with Our Fulvic Minerals

Each serving of our Fulvic Acid contains 300mg of this remarkable compound, and you get an incredible 100 servings per container! Our highly soluble golden powder ensures you receive a consistent and high-quality dose every time.

Choose Theogony's USA-extracted Fulvic Acid for a pure, safe, and convenient alternative to Shilajit. Join us on a journey to better health and well-being, and experience the difference for yourself!"